Regular Board:

1oz Barely Buzzed (White cheese rubbed with espresso and lavender)

1oz Tintern (Onion and shallot welsh cheddar)

1oz Wine Striped Umbiracone (port soaked white cheese)

1oz Flagship (Smoked white cheese)

1/2oz Shaft (3yr Cave aged bleu cheese)

1oz Calabrese (Spicy Canadian Salami)

1oz Speck (Prosciutto)

1oz Chorizo (3yr Iberico)

1oz Hot Coppa

Greek Olives, Goats Head Peppers, Fig Jam, Whole Grain Mustard, 3yr aged balsamic, crostini

Hearty Italian:

1oz Calabrese

1oz Speck

1oz Wine Striped Umbiracone

1oz Flagship

Peppers, Balsamic, Olives, Cornicons


1oz Wine Striped Umbiracone

1oz Baked Triple Creme Brie w/ Fig Jam 1oz White Mango and Ginger Stilton

3-5 Deglet Dates

Marcona Almonds

Salted Walnuts