Our Team


Mike Stoltz - Retail Manager 

Mike loves the Finer Things in life like smoking cigars, sipping whiskey and enjoying a nice craft beer. Working at Magnum’s allows him to learn more and more about the subjects he loves,  and allows him to pass that knowledge and passion on to his guests. 

His favorite whiskies include the Glenfiddich 21yr Cuban rum finish, George T Stagg, Whistle Pig 12yr, and his favorite cigar is the Arturo Fuente Opus X Petite Lancero.



Clinton Noethlich - Bartender

Clinton loves bartending because from the very first time he poured liquor over ice, it did something for his soul and he has been chasing that dragon ever since. He loves it because it allows him to be an artist in a non-permanent medium, which is precious to him.

His favorite whiskey is a two-way tie between Bruichladdich Black Art 1990, and William Larue Weller. Very dissimilar choices but he can't choose between them!

His favorite cigar is the My Father La Opulencia: It is a perfect anytime smoke.



Charlie Waltrip - Bar Manager

Charlie is a local Arizona boy with a driving passion for all beverages. His first job was in the coffee industry when he was 15 and he hasn’t looked back from there. He landed his first bartending gig at the Casablanca lounge when he was 22 and has been working at Magnums for 3 years now. He is always working to increase his beer, wine and spirits knowledge as well as his execution of crafting cocktails. He believes that there is a beverage for every situation and he loves the pursuit of the perfect pair. He aspires to dive further into the world of flavors, and he hopes to bring his wonderful finds to all those who seek them.   His favorite whiskies are Springbank 21 Year and Eagle Rare 17, and he loves to puff on a My Father Flor De Las Antillas or an Oliva V Melanio.



Shannon Horton - General Manager

Shannon has been a whiskey enthusiast since she stumbled upon the Four Roses Distillery in Kentucky en route to Mammoth Caves.  She fell in love with cigars at the first draw of her first cigar while she was working at her first cigar bar in Connecticut.  Essentially, she is a woman of many vices, and in order to enjoy her vices, she decided to make a living at it!  She is honored and humbled to work at the original cigar bar of Phoenix, and loves not only her amazing team, but her wonderful clientele too.  You will often find her enjoying a glass of Whistlepig and smoking a Nicaraguan puro (after her shift of course!), contemplating what she did to deserve her awesome job!